super clear manufacturers in india

Super Clear

Super Clear Manufacturers In India

super clear pvc film
What Is Super Clear?

SuperClear PVC Film of Canadian Specialty Vinyls is pvc film with extreme clarity, it is used for following purposes:

  • Normal transparent pvc film is used as crystal tablecloth, cosmetic bag, shower curtains and etc.
  • Superclear are used in inflatable toys, flocking air etc.
  • These are used for covering calendars, notebooks, stationery bags, textbook package and so on.
  • Pvc film superclear used as lining for glasses case, huff sofa/bed/toy and gift boxes are the major demand.
  • It has fine transparence and brightness, always used in brand paper spray-ink of advertisement and photographic film.
  • It is suitable for packaging purposes.
  • Colored Transparent Films are also manufactured by us.
  • Our factory produces Crystal Clear PVC Film also as per customer's demand.

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